Assessment Design Activity

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The Assessment Design Activity provides a scaffolded process to translate the student products or activities of a PBL investigation into a performance assessment task and rubric that aligns with a NGSS performance expectation. The tool prompts alignment among the NGSS, takes stock of multiple evidence sources across subject areas, and develops assessment criteria across multiple proficiency levels.

 Process map of curriculum maps and design activities

Use your professional judgement with examples of past student work to draft a set of descriptions of what proficiency looks like in meeting the selected standards. Keep in mind the types of evidence sources that you have identified. At least come up with a checklist of what proficient looks like. Later, you can use the Assessment Review Protocol to validate your assessment criteria descriptions and generate rubric descriptions of other levels of proficiency based on varying levels of performance demonstrated in actual student work samples.

This is ideally a group activity that can be started during a 45 minute PLC meeting after an initial Curriculum Map is completed for a PBL unit of study. Further development and refinement of the task and rubric can be done over time and aided by the Assessment Review Protocol.