OCE Characteristics Ranking Activity

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The purpose of the OCE Characteristics Ranking Activity is to get your team to explicitly consider and discuss the roles and characteristics of an outside partner that are of the highest value to your work. The 12 items on the list were generated from qualitative interviews and focus groups of teachers and outside content experts conducted by Pearson.

The team is to discuss, negotiate, and then arrange the characteristics in rank order. The most essential characteristic should be “1” and the least essential should be “12”. Examples of the characteristics include specific content knowledge, expertise, ability to ask questions, promote thinking, and availability during school hours. After the list has been ranked, a team member should volunteer to make a summary explanation of why you ranked the characteristics in this order.

This initial activity should be done by the teacher team and can take around 15 minutes. The task can be done by re-arranging slips of paper with the characteristics, using sticker dots to vote on characteristics, or using an online survey application. A coach or facilitator would be helpful in guiding the discussion about the desired characteristics, and the spectrum of roles that an OCE can play in the PLC and in the classroom.

The flowchart shows three consecutive activities: OCE Characteristics Ranking Activity, the OCE Introductory Guidelines, and the Discussion Protocol