Collaborative Culture Discussion Protocol

Collaborative Culture Discussion Protocol logoThis Discussion Protocol provides reflective questions to review the aggregate team results of the Collaborative Culture Survey. The questions ask team members to describe what they are already doing in each domain, and then set some goals for what they would like to improve together during the term or year. The discussion questions focus on taking stock of strengths and weaknesses, as well as setting strategies.

This is a team activity that should be facilitated by a coach or team leader. The discussion (30 minutes) should directly follow any administration of the Collaborative Culture Survey, but can be re-visited in the interim to monitor and document progress that has been made. After the discussion of the team results, the team should set or adjust goals by collectively deciding on shared strategies for improving their collaborative culture in their chosen domain(s). Documentation of progress can be documented to report on effort and improvement to school administrators.

 The flowchart shows a series of repeated Collaborative Culture Surveys and Discussions through baseline, interim, and summative phases