Collaborative Culture Survey

Collaborative Culture survey icon This Collaborative Culture Survey is a reflective tool to foster collaborative culture for your professional learning community. The items have been identified by research by NCTAF and NCLE as conditions that support teacher collaboration that make a difference for student learning. The survey is adapted from a similar survey and discussion protocol developed by NCLE. This self-assessment will help your team identify strengths and areas where your collaborative practice could be strengthened.

Team members will individually respond to the survey items using a rating scale  with brief open-ended questions. Items are divided into several categories: collaborative culture, instructional improvement focus, and organizational supports. This tool provides baseline and interim ratings of collaborative practice that can document evidence of improvement. The results can be used to identify areas of strength and weaknesses, as well as inform improvement goals and collaborative strategies to try. This tool is most useful for gathering baseline and summative scores. The survey can be used to gather early data for a solid baseline. An interim (mid-year) and summative (end-of-year) administration can provide multiple data points across a school year, as well as check-in points for your PLC to inform strategic decisions about what strategies you have tried and what you should try next.

The flowchart shows a series of repeated Collaborative Culture Surveys and Discussions through baseline, interim, and summative phases

The survey takes about 15 minutes to administer. A coach or team leader can use a spreadsheet to calculate the average team scores for each item (approximately 15 minutes). The administration of this tool can be done as a team or individually. Preferably, everyone on the team should participate in taking the survey to get a more accurate team score. Having team members take it outside of your PLC meeting will save on team planning time, as well as allow the coach or team leader to prepare the team scores and focused questions to guide the discussion around the findings. The results can then be used to inform a discussion of goals and strategies using the Collaborative Culture Discussion Protocol. You can do this process using a paper survey, but an online survey or digital form that can be exported to a spreadsheet will expedite the data entry, aggregation, sharing, and use of the findings.