PBL Checklist

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The PBL Checklist is formative evaluation tool based on the Buck Institute for Education’s (BIE) essential elements of PBL Rubric. It provides a tool for individual teachers and teams to reflect on their units of study and evaluate the PBL aspects of it.

The tool prompts the user to rate their curriculum on a three point scale that is aligned with the BIE Program Design Rubric, and then note evidence that supports the rating. If done as a team, it is an opportunity to have a focused discussion on improving elements of PBL like authentic assessment, student voice and choice, and 21c skills. Completing a checklist is a 15 minute activity. An additional 15 minutes could be spent on a reflective discussion about the next steps. Teams can practice using the checklist by viewing video examples of PBL units like those available on Edutopia.

The PBL Checklist is best used as interim evidence of the application of PBL elements in between use of the PBL Survey. The checklist can be used by a team leader or coach to inform needed professional development supports or resources. The PBL Checklist is designed as a google spreadsheet alongside the Curriculum Map to provide a convenient reflection tool. Just-in-time pop-up notes are embedded to describe the top “3” level of each element based on the BIE rubric.

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