Pearson: Case Study of Teacher Teams and Outside Content Experts

Expanding Horizons: A Case Study of Extended Partnerships between Teacher Teams and Outside Content Experts.(Condensed Report) (2014) by Brad Ermeling and Jessica Yarbro.

Despite increasing advocacy for teacher collaboration, reported changes in teaching associated with collaboration seldom represent the substantial instructional shifts called for by advocates of 21st century reforms. One reason is existing “horizons of observation” constrain instructional possibilities considered by teacher teams. This case study of two secondary school teams, explored the potential of collaborative partnerships with outside content experts (OCEs) for infusing resources and perspectives that move beyond persistent images of classroom instruction. This case study, situated in the context of the NCTAF Learning Studios model, provides a concrete example of the convergence between well-structured collaborative teacher inquiry and well-timed, purposeful involvement of outside expertise. Analysis highlighted three actions that can be used by external experts to create a successful partnership: Adapt your expertise to fit local education needs; follow-up between meetings; and judiciously apply pressure to expand teacher vision of instructional possibilities.