OCE Introductory Presentation

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The OCE Introductory Presentation structures the initial introduction of an outside content expert with a team of teachers. The tool uses guiding questions to help the partner share relevant background information, expertise, and current research interests.

Teachers should use this tool as they begin their relationships with an OCE. The presentation allows an OCE to share information about their personal background and professional pursuits. Through the presentation, teachers can learn what areas of the OCE’s current work connect with their project. They may also learn what topics the OCE has studied and what resources and organizational relationships can be beneficial to the project partnership.

This tool should be used the first time the OCE meets your teacher team. The project coordinator or team leader should email the presentation guidelines to the OCE five to seven days prior to the presentation with instructions to complete the slideshow. It should take an OCE about 30 minutes to complete the presentation template. The presentation should take 15-20 minutes to deliver to the team of teachers. This presentation should be followed by the OCE Discussion Protocol to talk about relevant project overlaps and connections. Together these tools will shape the initial meeting between the teachers and the OCE.

The flowchart shows three consecutive activities: OCE Characteristics Ranking Activity, the OCE Introductory Guidelines, and the Discussion Protocol